Rentable Venues Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Rental Venues

Event rental fees must be paid at time of reservation and are non-refundable. In the event that a cancelation is made within 72-hours of the scheduled event, we may allow the renter to reschedule an event within a 3-month period at no additional cost.
Resident/Renter will be responsible for any damages to the venue including its structure and contents. The final billing amount is not limited to the deposit amount and will include the cost of replacement or repair for any missing or damaged items and will be charged to the credit card on file. The resident/renter agrees that they are the responsible party for themselves and any guests.


Venue Policies:

• Resident is responsible for the conduct of their guests and must be present at all times of the event. Owner assumes no responsibility of the renter and their guests including their property and safety.

• Resident and guests must follow all laws in accordance with city and state including but not limited to parking, noise and disturbance. This is a rental facility, however there are neighbors living around these facilities and we ask that you be mindful and respectful of our neighbors.
• Outside food and beverages are allowed within the rental spaces, however renter is responsible for removing and/or disposing of any food and beverage leftovers.

• Glass containers are only allowed in indoor venues and are strictly prohibited within pool areas.

• All event times reserved include setup and cleanup time and no additional time will be given.

• All furniture must not be moved or tampered with.

• A walkthrough of the venue is completed by a company representative prior to and after a rental reservation.

• An inventory of all items are kept by management will be checked accordingly after each event.

• If any damages or cleaning fees are needed, an itemized list will be provided to the resident based on replacement costs, vendor cleaning costs or repair fees and will be charged directly to the resident’s credit card on file listed under deposit information.

• Owner strictly prohibits the following: the use of drugs or controlled substances on the premises, lewd or immoral conduct, alcohol use of anyone under 21 years of age, rowdiness, fighting, gambling, excessively loud noise or music, and bringing handguns, firearms or other weapons of any kind on premise.

• If a security patrol and/or police department is called out and any find that any of the above policies are being violated, a fine will be assessed to the resident of $100 and could be subject to immediate termination of the event.

• A strict NO SMOKING policy is enforced in all event rental spaces.

• All decorations must be removed. All rental spaces must be clean and free of debris. Trash must be taken to the dumpster location on the property and not left at the event space.

• Owner is not responsible for damages or loss of any merchandise or articles left before, during or after an event.

• Event rental fees must be paid at the time of reservation and are non-refundable.