Parks & Playgrounds

You’ll find something new to explore around every corner. Parks, lakes and green spaces. Rolling hills, lush foliage and winding creeks.

Thickets of towering native trees and vegetation. Miles of nature trails for walking, jogging or biking. The rugged charm of craggy trees

in dry creek beds. Valleys, vistas, hills and sunsets. Exploreyour surroundings & unearth the natural beauty of Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch.



The Thicket

Located on the south side of Austin Ranch, just beyond the Dry Creek Lodge and Sand Volleyball Courts, lies the Thicket. With its dense

vegetation and winding trails, it is the perfect place to go for a rigorous hike or a relaxing afternoon stroll.



Annie's Park

Designed in the English tradition of a fenced-in park within the neighborhood, this one has a Texas twist. All of the original mesquite trees

have been preserved within a children's playground.




Plaza De La Luna

Plaza de la Luna is a large, paved parking plaza, in the European tradition, where the paving goes right up to the buildings. The gritted paving

pattern created a three-dimensional illusion, reminiscent of the Florentine paving patterns of the Renaissance. In the center, there is a green

park with boulders and misters designed in the crescent shape of its lunar inspiration.



Plaza Del Sol

Designed as a giant, green sundial with trees aligned just perfectly to cast a shadow directly onto the sundial. This space was designed to

redefine the nature of what a parking plaza can be.



Pocket Park

This charming garden is a quiet retreat with outdoor seating for dining or reading a book.


Tulip Lawn

Beautifully manicured lawn with fountain. Perfect for a game of croquet, this courtyard is surrounded by modern tulip statuettes.



Rosemary's Park

Added in January of 2004, Rosemary, the bronze pig statue, presides over her very own park.



Village Green


Located in the front of Dry Creek Lodge, the Village Green is the focal point of the town of Austin Ranch, and is often used for outdoor

parties and concerts.




Shadow Mews

The Shadow Mews is a park named for the connection between the silhouette and shadow sculptures created by artist Madeline Lord.


Arbor Hills Nature Preserve


Located immediately adjacent to Austin Ranch is the beautiful 125-acre Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, with miles of hike and bike trails winding

through lush vegetation rich with native wildlife. To download trail maps, visit the Plano Parks and Recreation website.