Art & Sculpture

No matter where you are in Austin Ranch, you’re never far from the presence of captivating art and sculpture. We believe that the

inclusion of fine art in one’s home or work environment provides a sense of rejuvenation, warmth, and stimulation of the senses.

We invite you take a glimpse of some of our most delightful pieces of art at Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch.



Steel Horses (Peter Busby 2000)

Artist Peter Busby captured the essence of wildlife creatures with delicately drawn lines of woven and welded steel rod. From 12,000

feet of inanimate steel rods, he created three massive horse sculptures that reflect both the spirit and the magnitude of Austin Ranch.

Steel Horses unquestionably rules the majestic landscape at the intersection of Windhaven Parkway and Plano Parkway.

To Austin Ranch owner Lucy Billingsley, Busby’s Steel Horses, installed in October of 2000, represent freedom, power and life.



Synchronicity of Color (Margo Sawyer 2009)

Margo Sawyer’s red and blue geometric sculpture serves as a focal point of Austin Boulevard and was designed to blend the artistic

elements of the sculpture with the surrounding architecture, courtyard, landscaping and pool. Inverted boxes with colored glass tile

create areas to socialize in the pool and three-dimensional concrete blocks provide a walkway to the pool. Symmetrical flowers and

landscaping surround the pool and the vibrantly colored boxes at the far end of the pool perfectly balance the entire space.



Works by Madeleine Lord (2003)

Austin Ranch is privileged to have a number of sculptures by artist Madeleine Lord. The Shadow Mews project at Austin Ranch, so named

because of the connection between silhouettes and shadows, was introduced to Lucy Billingsley in 2002. Ms. Billingsley recognized a

kindred spirit in the work of Madeleine Lord, and envisioned her four children, Trammell, Lucy Paige, George and Anne as silhouettes for

sculpture. The works are titled as follows:

  • Jumping in Place Vendom

  • Summer Hat

  • Youth

  • April Winds

  • Man Waiting

  • Man Opening Umbrella

  • In Pursuit


Deer Grove

Located on Sumner Street in Austin Boulevard.





Other Sculpture on the Property

  • Leaps & Bounds (John Skurja, 1993)

  • Rosemary (John Skurja, 2003)

  • Five Birds A' Feather (George Sherwood, 2003)

  • Vortex and Vortex II (Thomas Joynes and Adam Paddon)

  • Bailey (Jim Budish, 2005.)